Wednesday, October 14

Updates on prayer requests from July's newsletter

Here are the updates on the 4 specific kids that we shared with you:

Danny has stopped helping out with worship at the church. He is busy at University and planning to go to America with Loren on this November. He's not currently working on the Reborn website either. He is deepening his relationship with the Lord, but we rarely been in contact with him due to business of school schedule. Please pray that he will be able to find christian friends still, though he has been making it to the York Bible College campus and HAS made friends. And, that he will just continue to learn and establish solid ground with the Word.

Rob is still doing GREAT in Austria. He has started these things called "Chuck tracks" which are bible studies with from Chuck Smith. He loves them. He is still praying for his sister Becki. His great aunt just died today actually. We just got off the phone with him and he is pretty upset. Please keep him in your prayers for continual growth and foundation, and him and his family with their recent loss.

Danny C.:
Danny is still waiting to make the decision if he wants Jesus in his life or not. He is still at Reborn faithfully every Friday night. We just learned that he loves Tobey Mac! Ha... Keep praying that he will be overwhelmed at the fact of how much God loves him. He just started college this year... he says he's doing alright.

Becki, Rob's sister. We haven't seen her at Reborn since July probably! We know that she has been staying over at friends a lot. We just saw her the other day for the first time in ages. She seemed alright and had a huge smile for us. Rob is actually coming home to visit for his 18th birthday and his family, including Becki are super stoked to see him! Be praying for the witness opportunities. We all have felt at times we're sure how difficult it is to witness to your own family. Keep praying that Becki will commit her life to her awaiting loving Heavenly Father. Pray that she'll come back around to Reborn if it's God's will.

Well there you go folks! THANKS for your prayers! They're needed. Take ground!

With love...
Zach and his wife. :)

Monday, September 28

Sunday Mornin

We have started a youth service on sunday mornings. The first one was on sept. 27. There have been around 10 youth kids coming consistently to the morning service, so we prayed about it and the Lord laid it on our heart to start a service for them. We are going through the book of Galatians and learning what it means to fully follow after Christ. We ask for you to please pray that God will be the one leading us in teaching them on sundays. This is truly a miracle that kids in England are coming to church on sundays mornings, this is not a normal thing. So we are really in awe to what the Lord is doing!!!!

Thursday, September 10

Wounded Kid

Hello everyone,

We come to you with a broken heart. We are asking for prayer for two of our youth kids. Something has happened in their lives that is very harmful and damaging. Please keep them lifted up in prayer thru out this week, month, etc...

Their names our:

Friday, August 28

Please pray for STEVE

Steve is a youth kid of ours who just recently asked Jesus into his heart. :) What a huge deal!!!! Please be praying for him! We haven't been able to reach him or see him for a week after he has done this. THANKS GUYS!

Thursday, July 30

God is good

Thank you your prayers concerning the youth here in England. It has been very exciting to watch the Lord work in these kids lives. Lately the youth girls have been showing up more often to Reborn. They have even been coming over to our house to hang out with Randi. What an answer to prayer this is. One of the girls is Rob's sister and she has been more and more open to the gospel since her brother gave his life to Him. Please continue to pray that the girls here will find christ and not go the way all there friends are going.

Hike @ Dalby Forest

What an awesome time we had in the forest.... I took 7 kids for an afternoon hike and bbq. Only a few of the kids know the Lord so it was a great time to share Christ with these guys. We had a Bible study in the forest and learned about the broad and narrow way. These kids come to Reborn every friday so they here the Gospel quite often. But some of there home lives are absolutley terrible. So we daily pray that they will open there hearts to Christ.

Monday, June 22

How Zach and Randi are doing...

We are so so so thankful to all our friends and family for your continuing love and support. Thank you for staying in touch and really caring to hear how we are doing over here in England. We know that we are growing tremendously spiritually, and in our marriage. Although "growing pains" are unpleasant at times, are hope is in Christ Jesus.

Our prayer is that we continue to realize why we are over here and not to lose heart in the discouraging times. We've been experiencing moments of, "Wow, we really are different in a lot of ways!" (Us and the British culture) We are thankful for our relationship with the pastor and his wife over here. Please pray that our ministry team (us four) will continue to grow in grace and understanding for eachother. Uplifting one another with the Truth.

Our hearts for the youth are growing and for Bridlington!!! We have an upcoming outreach project. We are going to go to every residence in Bridlington and pass out a postcard with the gospel on it and info. about where our church is at. We are also praying that God will use this outreach for street witnessing and that we will be able to have an abundance of opportunities to share with people one on one. There are two parts to Bridlington... the "rougher" area where they are in "need" and the ritzy area where they don't "need" anything! This is going to be trying physically (we're walking) and emotionally.

This quote we found in a book is how we want to live: "God give to us hearts that bleed, eyes that are wide open to see, minds that are clear to interpret God's purpose, wills that are obedient, and a determination that is utterly unflinching as we set about the tasks He would have us to do."

"Hi, I'm Danny."

This is Danny. He has been coming to the youth group since he was 15, he is now 21. He is at that place in his life where he has a choice to make, whether to follow the Lord whole heartidly or to continue holding on to the things in his past. He is now beginning to serve in the church! For years he played in secular bands, but he is wanting more in life and last week he led worship :) He really does know that God is speaking to him and wanting to lead him on. He is out of college for the summer so him and Zach have been hangin out just about everyday. Our desire for Danny is for him to step up, to begin to leave things behind and to press on. He has many opportunities such as going to Bible college or serving at church here or at the castle in Austria. So we are praying that the Lord continues to shape his heart in to a servants. Please pray for Danny that will have ears to hear.

A youth servin Christ

Thank you all so much for your prayers! Rob is now at the castle in Austria serving in the coffee shop and kitchen. He is in such a great environment to grow in his walk with the Lord. He will meet christians from all around Europe and even the world, who are either missionaries or are on church retreats. Please continue to pray for Rob since he is a new christian and I know how much the enemy will try to destroy him. I have told him that our friends and family back home are praying for him and he couldn't even believe it.

Saturday, June 6

Rob, one of the youth who gave his life to Jesus last year, is leaving for Austria next week. He has decided to serve the Lord over at the castle, which is a retreat center for groups who come to grow in the Lord. He will be there for a year growing in the Word and seving. We are so excited for what the Lord is going to do in his life. Rob has talked about wanting to go to Bible college after that year. During our time here he has been such an amazing blessing to us and a great witness for the youth around him. Please be praying for Rob that he will continue to follow the Lord whole heartedly.

Thursday, May 14

Worship Leader

The calvary chapel here in Brid has not had a worship leader for quite some time. For a few years now kids have been coming up during the semester, but when the semester is over there is no more worship. The congregation has been praying for someone to either come here or step up in the church. So we are asking for our family and friends back home to pray for a worship leader, someone who will be a worshiper both with there music and life.

Wednesday, April 15


Please pray for Rachel, who just gave her life to the Lord, her parents strongly believe that calvary chapel is a cult and won't let Rachel come to the church anymore. So Randi hasn't talked to her in quite some time. The pastor wrote a kind letter to her parents explaining who we are. So we ask that you all would pray for her parents' eyes to be open. It is really such a bummer cause she was growing in the Lord. But we know God is good and has control!

Wednesday, April 1

Please Pray

Please be in prayer. Randi had to go to the doctor today and she has strep throat. She is on antibiotics and resting. Please pray that the antibiotics will do their job and she will be healed.

Friday, March 20

First Youth Outreach Day!!!!

Hi guys,

We can't believe that is even the title for this blog. Tomorrow the 21st of March we are going out into the towne for an outreach. This is something that we invited the youth to do with us. As you guys know there are about 5 youth kids who are saved. To our surprise a group of about 10 sincere lads and lasses want to come out with us.

PLEASE pray for this event. The youth are wanting to hand out leaflets and invite other youth to our Reborn (youth group). We also explained to them, (especially those who are saved) that God might be calling them to talk and tell people about Jesus and what He has done on the cross. They've never done this and are nervous. Pray for their sweet hearts. Pray for God's guidance with all of our words and actions. Pray for every aspect that might come up in your heart about this event. (representation, sincerity, gentleness, appropriateness, etc.)

We know and keep trusting the Lord full heartily. He is El Shaddi the Almighty God! We are praying that He will do work thru our group tomorrow that is glorifying to Him. And that the kids have FUN! inviting people to their youth group and sharing about Christ.

Yeah!!!!! This is a blessing and we are stoked for tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. We've heard from quite a few of you one way or the other and appreciate it so much! (hint hint) :)


Monday, March 9

A life changed

Last Friday night a girl asked Jesus Christ into her heart! :) Her name is Rachel. Please be praying for her as she begins her journey. She is the first girl that has done so in this youth group.

On Sat. the 14th Randi is going to be having an all girl hang out day. Be praying as Rachel comes and brings some of her friends.

Friday, March 6

We have our flat and we are so excited. The Lord answer our prayers and provided us with a perfect place. We will have pictures to show yall soon. Our new address is:

9 Marine Court
Summerfield Road
Bridlington, East Yorkshire
YO15 3LF
United Kingdom, England

We still are having problems getting our internet and phone up and running so communication is a little tough right now, but soon will be up and running. Continue praying for the youth. They are doing really well, Rob (youth kid) is heading off to Bible College in Germany to check it out next week, yes!!!! God is working in his life and it is so exciting to watch. Please keep him lifted up in prayer whether he decides to attend the college.

Saturday, February 21

Beach Day

We took some kids to the beach today, just to hang out. We had a "well" good time. We played frisbee, badmitin, soccer, telephone pictionary, etc... These kids were Danny, Ryan, Liam, Luke, and Rob. There some of the kids who come to "REBORN" youth group on friday nights. Danny and Ryan do not know the Lord so we are continuing to pray for them. It really has been so great to get to know these guys, we are excited to watch them grow in Him.

Keep them lifted up.

Tuesday, February 10


Please pray that The Lord will provide for us the right flat (apartment). We really want a place low in price and, most importantly, right in the town center where all the kids are.  We want our flat to be a blessing to the Lord and for Him to use it the way that He desires -- so please pray.  Thank you back home for all your love.  We continue to pray for all of you.

Sunday, February 8

Friday night

Wow!!!  The Lord really is working here in Brid.  Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!  There were over twenty kids there on Friday night and we studied what the Word says about putting things in our ears that are not from God, like evil songs.  They had so many questions and thoughts and really are hungry for the truth.  There is a group of six kids who know the Lord and we daily pray that they will become more and more rooted in the truth.  These six kids are so new to the faith, but God is reveiling to them so much and they are able to answer some of there non-believing friends' questions. It is really so exciting to be a part of this and to be investing into these kids' lives.  The need for role models in their lives is so great.  We will soon have pictures of them and we ask for you to keep them in you prayers. We love y'all!

Wednesday, February 4


Wow!  We made it to Bridlington!  It is so great to be here and to be staying with the pastor (Lauren) and his family (Jeanna, Audrey, Ashley, and Caedmon).  Tonight will be our first church service since arriving and it will be so nice to be with everyone.  Friday will be our first youth service so please pray that the Lord will continue to work in the kids' hearts this week so they will come to youth group ready to learn.  We need your prayers as we will be looking for a flat (apartment) in these coming weeks.  Thank you, guys, for all your prayers and support. We love you all so much!

Wednesday, January 21

Going Away Party

We are having a time set aside to give lots of hugs, share tears, and say our goodbyes!!


Please join us on Thurs. Jan. 29th after service @ Reality (around 8:30pm)

219 Legion Way SW Suite #202
Olympia, WA 98501

Hope to see you then. We are going to miss all of you very badly.

12 Days Away!

It's been awhile!

We would like to SHOUT out a praise! We have raised the amount of support needed to take off. Although there is more support to raise, we have no doubt that the Lord will provide in His way and in His timing.

We depart @ 8:45am on Monday Feb. 2nd.

Pray that our packing and farewells will go smooth!

Thanks for being involved!