Tuesday, December 2

Hearts that want to serve

The Silver Streaks group at Calvary Chapel Olympia have asked us to come and share on Dec. 18th 2008. Some of them have shown interest in supporting us.

We can't wait! Many of them are our close friends.

We thank God for this opportunity and for the love that has been shown our way thru these truly wonderful people.

PLEASE PRAY we will all be a delight to one another while talking about the youth in Bridlingtion.

We will update you after the meeting to let you know how it goes.

Here's a holiday hug!

"Same Page" Care Team :)

We had a care team meeting on Sun. the 30th of November. Brian and Marvy were missed along with Paul, our pastor at Reality, who is now coming to the meetings. Keith and Julie Robinette live in Colorado.

This care team meeting was centered around finding structure to the group and future meetings. IT WENT WELL! :) We all gave some honest input that could help eachother out.

What was accomplished:
  • Delegation of jobs
  • To do lists
  • Brainstorming for upcoming meeting agendas
  • Answered questions

What YOU can do:
  • Building and maintaining a care team can be strenuous on all members. Please pray for unity as we all work together in serving our Lord and the youth in Bridlington.

We look forward to our next meeting two weeks from now.

Have a wonderful day. Until next time...

Our hearts for the youth

What an awesome opportunity we got to live among the youth kids of Bridlington this past July!

This coastal town is packed with kids who are facing crucial decisions of their lives, decisions like a belief in God or a relationship with Christ.

These kids are heavy on our hearts and in our thoughts to always be praying for and to be with.

It is so great to preach Christ through simply hangin' out and living life. God has been growing our hearts for these kids more and more and through this we have been getting absolutely stoked!

We can't wait to get back to the relationships that God has already started to build!