Sunday, November 30

Our care team meetings are going very smoothly!!! Thank you for your prayers. Every other week we as a team have been getting together and preparing for what's ahead. It is so exciting to see the Lord's hand in this!

Friday, November 14

One more step forward!

Randi officially has her VISA! :) Hip hip hooray!

We are almost there. We appreciate the prayers and support.

Love you guys..


Thursday, November 13

Couple of Praise Reports :)

Zach's visa was approved! YESSSSSS! Now we are waiting on Randi's.

Randi's dental work is underway and only 20% of expenses that we had planned for!

The majority of our support letters have been sent out! Thanks to Dottie they look great.

We got our first comment. :0 Thanks Janna.