Tuesday, October 21

First Care Team Meeting

Randi and I met with our care team to set the foundations for our futures serving the Lord in England. What an awesome meeting. I love everyone! God is truly blessing us with true fellowship. Along side the complete love and support from our families, we want to share with you guys who is on our care team. :)

Logistics: Kristy Packard
Communication Specialists: Scott Hamilton & Brigitta Wulfekuhle ... soon to be Mrs. Scott Hamilton. (Yeah)
Financial Advisors: Brian & Marvy Muckian
Prayer Support: Keith & Julie Robinette
Moral Support: All of them because they love God and us.

Together we opened up what is going to be a long journey. We enjoyed a nice dinner together and shared how the Lord is working in our lives. Please feel free to go to anyone on the care team with questions.

We have a few prayer requests that will give you all an opportunity to start supporting us right away:
  • Pray that our visa application process will go smoothly.
  • Randi has some much needed dental work coming up.
  • Prepare the hearts of everyone involved.

Stay tuned . . . we will be sharing more information as we learn more.