Wednesday, November 3

God does provide!

God is so good! Someone in our church in Bridlington has purchased flight tickets to Hungary for Loren and Zach. It was to see how the Lord just laid it on someone's heart to provide in this way. This came in the perfect time as we did not have the money to fly over there. For our family it has been mind blowing to see God provide for us every day!!! Thank you for all your prayers.

Thursday, October 28

We were able to go down to the embassy in London last week and apply for Judah's passport. He is now an American citizen, wooooooo! The Lord provided for us every step of the way, even when we were on the wrong train :( We took a couple days to site see with Randi's sister. Thank you for all your prayers!

Orphanage visit

December 2-10 Loren and Zach will be going to the Orphanage in Hungary to visit the orphans. They will be bringing gifts donated by the church. The point of the trip is to stay in touch with the orphans hat came to visit us and to continue to pour into there lives. Please be praying that God will supply all the needs for this trip, especially financially. These kids really do mean so much to the fellowship here in Brid so it is quite exciting that God is allowing us to continuing reaching out to them.

Tuesday, September 7

Hungarian Outreach

Thank you all so much for your prayers! The orphans had the time of there lives, literally. They had never experienced anything like this. They got to hear about how much God loves them and have fun exploring England as well. It was such a blessing to see how random people from the town were taking part by donating clothes to these kids. Also how the Reborn kids got to take part also. We definetly want to do this again next year and will be praying about that. Loren and Zach have been in contact with the leaders from the orphanage in Hungary and are praying about going for a visit in December, taking presents to these kids. What an incredible joy it is to be able to invest in there lives.

Christianity Explored

The Lord has provided Calvary Chapel and three other churches another amazing opportunity to reach out to our town! A local coffee shop called "coffee coast" is opening it's doors for us to host a 6 week study through the book of Mark. Zach went to the prayer meeting the churches had for this outreach and it was so exciting to hear all the prayers the fellowships had for this Event. Please pray with us for everyone who will be invited and also for the staff who we see quite often as this is our favorite coffee shop and it is right near our church. Christianity Explored begins on Sept. 14.

Tuesday, July 13

10 Hungarian orphans will be arriving in a week. Please be praying with us as we are opening up our doors for these kids and excited to watch the Lord work in there lives. There is a ministry in Hungary that reaches out to the youth there by taking them out of their element for a couple weeks to teach them the Gospel. They are bringing them to our church where our fellowship can share with them. Please pray that they will mix well with the youth here and that the Lord will also be working in the Reborn kids' lives :)

Tuesday, July 6

In August we will be taking a handful of Reborn kids to Creationfest! We are so excited for these guys to experience 7 days of Christian music, the Word, and fun. The event was handed over to Calvary Chapel last year so this means a lot of work for the Calvary Chapels in the U.K. Please be praying for all the volunteers who will be coming from all over, even a group of 80 coming from America, pray that the Lord will bring everything together and that the youth who come will be blessed. This is going to be a lot of work for us as we are working the youth tent all week, so please be praying for us as well that God will give us strength leading up to and during that week. Here is a link to the website

Thanks friends

Tuesday, June 8

Praise the Lord for how He is working in these kids lives!!! Thank you all for your prayers, the youth retreat was excellent. We brought 6 youth from reborn and 4 of those youth do not know the Lord. There eyes were truly opened as they saw other youth from around the U.K excited about what Jesus has done in there lives. We had a little over 50 kids representing 9 calvary chapel and we are already thinking about next year. The 4 that went are very hard, but we have been able to see the Lord's longsuffering work in there lives as they continue to come to youth group and are becoming more open to the truth.

Tuesday, May 4

Thank you all for praying with us for the upcoming youth retreat! 6 youth have signed up and are already so excited to go this retreat. These are the kids that you can be praying for, (top to bottom) - Matty and his sister Rebby, Laura, Danny, Elly, and Rob. Please continue praying for these youth that God would really pull them out of darkness and open up there eyes. YAAAAAAAA!

Tuesday, April 27

We are so excited for this youth retreat coming up. 30 calvary chapel youth groups have been invited to bring there youth to the Bible college for an all weekend retreat. We announced it to reborn they were all so excited for it. Especially since they never really leave there town. Please be praying that as the kids get out of there comfort zone and meet other kids from around the U.K that God will really be tugging on their heart. We are expecting over 100 youth and for about 15 of ours to go. We posted the flier so you can read all about it. cheers :)

Thursday, April 1

Thank you Lord! He has blessed Calvary by the Sea with the priviledge of being ables host Bridlingtons toddler group. A group that was originialy run by the council was handed over to us. So now as mothers from around the city come into the church they get to enter act and make good friendship with moms who are walking with the Lord. We were praying that the Lord would bring more and more ladies and He has, there is now a good solid group that come each tuesday morning and it is so exciting to be apart of. Pleases continue to pray that the Lord will be speaking to the ladies as they enter into conversations about the Gospel.

Thursday, January 21

As we are approching our 1 year anniversary of serving here in Bridlington, England we couldn't be more excited with what the Lord is doing in this northern town of England. The group of kids that He has brought to us continues to grow and He continues to answer our prayers toward them! These kids are constantly stopping by our house and never missing a friday night. They are bringing there friends and there friends are bringing there friends. This brings up another prayer request :) Servants! We are praying that God will raise servants among the kids and/or bring others in from anywhere who have a heart for the youth. There is such a need for strong leaders who know the Word and have a burden to share it and live it. What an awesome thing in this country to have an average of 30 kids turning up every friday night, it is really not like this culture, youth groups are not a popular thing here, so to watch this take place in front of us we can only turn to thank God and cry out for more to serve. Thank you for all your prayers and for joining with us in this ministry over here.

Sunday, January 3


We are also praying that the Lord would bring us home to visit at the perfect time. The perfect time for the church here and for our home church "reality".It seems that the beginning part of this year would be the best time, but we are still praying. We are asking God to provide for all our travel expenses, which will most definetly take trust in Him.


Please join with us as we seek God's will in praying for a vehicle (van). Last year we were able to take the youth by train to many different places, which was nice. But the train tickets get pretty expencive and we know more youth could come if we had are own vehicle. We are praying specifically for a van that would seat at least 7-9 youth :) We want to take kids on trips to the Bible college in York, hikes in the forest and just outings in general. Ultimately we are just praying God's will. Thank you so much, we love all of you!