Thursday, October 27

Baptism!! How wonderful it is to witness the work of the Lord in the lives of the English. 7 new believers were baptised this past week. Before their baptism they each shared how the Lord had completly changed their lives and given them hope for the first time. This brought tears to all of our eyes. What an exciting night it was. Many unbelievers were there watching their family get baptised, they had never seen anything like this before, what a testimony!

Reborn is back on!! We were not too sure what it would look like after being closed for 6 weeks, but the kids came! 25 youth showed up! 4 who had never been before. It was really encouraging to see the youth excited to be back at reborn. They are once again freely stopping by our house at all hours, to seek advice, to talk, or just to hang out.

Wednesday, August 17

Reborn movie night's are on Wednesday thru the month of August. The movies we are showing in some way share the Gospel. We have about 30 kids coming either from reborn or who received an invite via facebook. It has been exciting to see the kids coming and that they are hearing the Gospel.

Tuesday, July 12

On July 24th this will be our new home. With our visa's still up in the air and the possibility of having to leave the country, we are still going to go ahead and move into our new home. The land lord knows all about our dilema and he has known our pastor for quite some time so he is working with us. We are so thankful for this place, the Lord has answered our prayers to the "t". We were praying for a place that was in more of the rougher area of Brid, among the youth, and closer to the church. Also for room to house our weekly bible college students, room for Judah, and a back garden. Well, it has all of that and more. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, dinning room, office!! This is going to open so many more doors for us to reach out to the community. Before we were living on a top floor flat, the elderly found it difficult to get up the stairs, so they wouldn't come over, we also began to feel like it was to small and noisy to have more than a couple of youth over at a time. The first picture is of the church from our front door. We will have pictures of the inside asap. God bless!

Friday, July 8

Just recently one of our youth kids who had been coming to reborn for about 5 years has come back to the Lord. Wayne had walked away from Christ, being taken away by the cares of this world. We would only see him every once in a blue moon. He is now in a place of full surrender to Him and is serving at reborn. He has been a great help for zach since there is now over 30 kids coming each Friday. Wayne is now 19 and has been given an incredible opportunity to serve at the calvary chapel conference center in Austria. We feel that it will be best for him to get out of Brid for a while and take some time to be discipled and to work hard. He leaves on the 13th of September to serve thru the winter into next summer.

Tuesday, June 7

Please be praying for this weekend as D-cype will be here again along with some other artists from Manchester. The last outreach brought much fruit, the Lord blessed it and answered prayer. We are excited for this time around as even more invites have gone out and those that came last time are wanting to help out. Praise God for this great opportunity to get the Word out.

Thursday, June 2

Thank you for all the prayers, God really did bless the kids so much this year. The feed back from many of the 75 youth that went was very encouraging. So exciting how the Lord is equipping the next generation in the U.K to be set apart and to live as Christ. The 6 reborn kids we brought had never seen anything like it, as they are living in darkness. They were shocked to see youth their own age on fire for the Lord, seeking to love Him more and to do His will.

Thursday, May 12

This year's youth retreat is finally here. Our youth have waited anxiously for this day. We are so excited for this year as there will be many more youth groups from all over England and Scotland attending. This comes at perfect timing with our group of newly saved kids, it will be so encouraging for them to see other youth excited about Christ and living for Him. We are bringing 6 of our youth and there will be over 100 all together. We would appreciate your prayers for Miranda as she will be taking care of Judah as well as reaching out to the girls, for Zach as he will be teaching this year and for our youth, (Adam,Elly,Ellis,Steve,Paige,Danny)

Wednesday, May 4

May 3rd we sent in our visa applications!!!! After much answered prayer from the Lord we were able to apply for a 3 year extension. God is so good. It could be a few weeks or it could be a few months before we know the outcome. Please be praying for us in the financial side of things, just a few weeks before we applied the price for our family jumped...we are now paying 2,137.00 dollars (1,297.00 pounds) YIKES! We sent in our forms not having the money, but we are believing that if God is wanting us here then He will take care of it. We are praying that the money will be in the bank when they debit it. Exciting times :) We will let you all know as soon as we receive our visa's. Thank you for coming along side of us in prayer and support during this time.
Our Thursday Night Foundations group has now grown to 10. Last Thursday we discussed the importance of spending time with the Lord everyday. God is continuing to work in these kids' lives, as they are continuing to trust Him. They are so young and fragile, so new to this walk with Christ. So our prayer is that the Father continues to keep them. They are facing persecution already, from friends and family, they are beginning to see the cost of surrendering all to Christ.

Tuesday, April 26

The Thursday night Bible study is now on it's second week. Already people are coming from around this town of Beverley. Loren is going thru the book of Philippians and James is coming up from York to lead worship. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

Tuesday, April 19

We had our second discipleship with the youth last Thursday, thank you for all your prayers! The evening went really well once again. It was great having Rob there, who has known the Lord for a couple years now, but is having problems growing up in Christ. The group as a whole is doing well, we spent time praying, digging in the Word and answering questions. Our time now is busier than ever, not only are we discipling this group as a whole, the youth are coming to both Miranda or I on an individual bases...makes for a busy, crazy time. These youth seem to each have their own trial before them and we are seeking to come along side them pointing them to Christ. Please be praying that God would train these youth up to disciple their friends. That the Lord would bring more laborers and/or raise them up.

Wednesday, April 13

Praise God for the lost who have come to Christ!!! 5 of our youth gave their lives to Christ either before the concert, during the or after the concert. God really worked in an amazing way the entire week. We are meeting with these and 3 other youth who are Christians in our living room every thursday. Last thursday was our first one and words can't describe how it went..but I will do my best. We simply opened up Ephesians and began discussing who we were before Christ and who we are now in Christ, some of the youth could only break down crying as they tried to express the new found joy of living a life after God. These youth began to see the realness of their new relationship with Christ. We will continue much like last Thursday to spend time going thru the Word, praying, and seeking to simply grow in the Lord. Please be praying for this time of discipleship and the growth of these kids. (Adam, Laura, Channi, Lisa, Mark, Steve.) and the other Christians (Liam, Matty, Rob)

Thursday, March 24

We are excited to have Dave "D-CYPE" with us at Reborn. He is going to be sharing Christ thru rap and testimony. Along with others he will be performing @ rebron. We will be passing out fliers this weekend and next...we have about 500 fliers going out. We are prying that the more ruffer youth of Bridlington will show up as Dave can relate to them and has a heart for them. You can learn more about Dave at

Thursday, January 20

We are just about ready to send our applications away for an extended 3 year visa!!!
Very exciting but uncertain times as well, we will know the answer no later than May. It takes the Border Agency a few months to process everything. Please come along side us in prayer as we are seeking the Lord for His leading during this time. The Lord is continuing to grow our heart for the people here in northern England and for the ministry here. So it would be difficult to have to go home, but at the same time we just wants His perfect will to be worked out in our family.