Tuesday, April 26

The Thursday night Bible study is now on it's second week. Already people are coming from around this town of Beverley. Loren is going thru the book of Philippians and James is coming up from York to lead worship. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

Tuesday, April 19

We had our second discipleship with the youth last Thursday, thank you for all your prayers! The evening went really well once again. It was great having Rob there, who has known the Lord for a couple years now, but is having problems growing up in Christ. The group as a whole is doing well, we spent time praying, digging in the Word and answering questions. Our time now is busier than ever, not only are we discipling this group as a whole, the youth are coming to both Miranda or I on an individual bases...makes for a busy, crazy time. These youth seem to each have their own trial before them and we are seeking to come along side them pointing them to Christ. Please be praying that God would train these youth up to disciple their friends. That the Lord would bring more laborers and/or raise them up.

Wednesday, April 13

Praise God for the lost who have come to Christ!!! 5 of our youth gave their lives to Christ either before the concert, during the or after the concert. God really worked in an amazing way the entire week. We are meeting with these and 3 other youth who are Christians in our living room every thursday. Last thursday was our first one and words can't describe how it went..but I will do my best. We simply opened up Ephesians and began discussing who we were before Christ and who we are now in Christ, some of the youth could only break down crying as they tried to express the new found joy of living a life after God. These youth began to see the realness of their new relationship with Christ. We will continue much like last Thursday to spend time going thru the Word, praying, and seeking to simply grow in the Lord. Please be praying for this time of discipleship and the growth of these kids. (Adam, Laura, Channi, Lisa, Mark, Steve.) and the other Christians (Liam, Matty, Rob)