Tuesday, June 7

Please be praying for this weekend as D-cype will be here again along with some other artists from Manchester. The last outreach brought much fruit, the Lord blessed it and answered prayer. We are excited for this time around as even more invites have gone out and those that came last time are wanting to help out. Praise God for this great opportunity to get the Word out.

Thursday, June 2

Thank you for all the prayers, God really did bless the kids so much this year. The feed back from many of the 75 youth that went was very encouraging. So exciting how the Lord is equipping the next generation in the U.K to be set apart and to live as Christ. The 6 reborn kids we brought had never seen anything like it, as they are living in darkness. They were shocked to see youth their own age on fire for the Lord, seeking to love Him more and to do His will.