Wednesday, October 14

Updates on prayer requests from July's newsletter

Here are the updates on the 4 specific kids that we shared with you:

Danny has stopped helping out with worship at the church. He is busy at University and planning to go to America with Loren on this November. He's not currently working on the Reborn website either. He is deepening his relationship with the Lord, but we rarely been in contact with him due to business of school schedule. Please pray that he will be able to find christian friends still, though he has been making it to the York Bible College campus and HAS made friends. And, that he will just continue to learn and establish solid ground with the Word.

Rob is still doing GREAT in Austria. He has started these things called "Chuck tracks" which are bible studies with from Chuck Smith. He loves them. He is still praying for his sister Becki. His great aunt just died today actually. We just got off the phone with him and he is pretty upset. Please keep him in your prayers for continual growth and foundation, and him and his family with their recent loss.

Danny C.:
Danny is still waiting to make the decision if he wants Jesus in his life or not. He is still at Reborn faithfully every Friday night. We just learned that he loves Tobey Mac! Ha... Keep praying that he will be overwhelmed at the fact of how much God loves him. He just started college this year... he says he's doing alright.

Becki, Rob's sister. We haven't seen her at Reborn since July probably! We know that she has been staying over at friends a lot. We just saw her the other day for the first time in ages. She seemed alright and had a huge smile for us. Rob is actually coming home to visit for his 18th birthday and his family, including Becki are super stoked to see him! Be praying for the witness opportunities. We all have felt at times we're sure how difficult it is to witness to your own family. Keep praying that Becki will commit her life to her awaiting loving Heavenly Father. Pray that she'll come back around to Reborn if it's God's will.

Well there you go folks! THANKS for your prayers! They're needed. Take ground!

With love...
Zach and his wife. :)