Thursday, July 30

God is good

Thank you your prayers concerning the youth here in England. It has been very exciting to watch the Lord work in these kids lives. Lately the youth girls have been showing up more often to Reborn. They have even been coming over to our house to hang out with Randi. What an answer to prayer this is. One of the girls is Rob's sister and she has been more and more open to the gospel since her brother gave his life to Him. Please continue to pray that the girls here will find christ and not go the way all there friends are going.

Hike @ Dalby Forest

What an awesome time we had in the forest.... I took 7 kids for an afternoon hike and bbq. Only a few of the kids know the Lord so it was a great time to share Christ with these guys. We had a Bible study in the forest and learned about the broad and narrow way. These kids come to Reborn every friday so they here the Gospel quite often. But some of there home lives are absolutley terrible. So we daily pray that they will open there hearts to Christ.