Tuesday, April 27

We are so excited for this youth retreat coming up. 30 calvary chapel youth groups have been invited to bring there youth to the Bible college for an all weekend retreat. We announced it to reborn they were all so excited for it. Especially since they never really leave there town. Please be praying that as the kids get out of there comfort zone and meet other kids from around the U.K that God will really be tugging on their heart. We are expecting over 100 youth and for about 15 of ours to go. We posted the flier so you can read all about it. cheers :)

Thursday, April 1

Thank you Lord! He has blessed Calvary by the Sea with the priviledge of being ables host Bridlingtons toddler group. A group that was originialy run by the council was handed over to us. So now as mothers from around the city come into the church they get to enter act and make good friendship with moms who are walking with the Lord. We were praying that the Lord would bring more and more ladies and He has, there is now a good solid group that come each tuesday morning and it is so exciting to be apart of. Pleases continue to pray that the Lord will be speaking to the ladies as they enter into conversations about the Gospel.