Thursday, February 28

Reaching the Mums

"Little Fish" is a play group for mothers to bring their young children to. Jeanna (the Pastor's wife), Hannah (the worship leaders wife), and Randi are able to spend quality time with these 15 or so mums while the children play. The Lord has been blessing the relationships with these mums as they come and relax on Tuesday mornings. This group has opened up doors for meeting outside the group and spending time with these families. Our constant prayer is that these ladies would receive Christ and begin a walk with the Lord, being a light in their families. This is Zoe's testimony of coming to Christ. She saw the reality of Jesus in Randi and Jeanna's life while coming to "Little Fish". She is doing very well!

Thursday, January 12

Wayne has moved in!! Wayne is one of our youth who has been involved in the calvary chapel here from the beginning. He walked away from the Lord and had a rough few years. He rededicated his life and returned to reborn to serve alongside zach. We sent him to serve at a Christian conference center in Austria and he is back now living on our top floor and interning at the church. Please be praying for the financial provision to feed another mouth and to help get him back on his feet. He is growing spiritualy each day and is excited for what the Lord is going to do in his life.

Tuesday, January 3

Calvary by the Sea has a new website!!

Zach's teachings thru the book of Leviticus are available as well as many other resources.

Thursday, October 27

Baptism!! How wonderful it is to witness the work of the Lord in the lives of the English. 7 new believers were baptised this past week. Before their baptism they each shared how the Lord had completly changed their lives and given them hope for the first time. This brought tears to all of our eyes. What an exciting night it was. Many unbelievers were there watching their family get baptised, they had never seen anything like this before, what a testimony!

Reborn is back on!! We were not too sure what it would look like after being closed for 6 weeks, but the kids came! 25 youth showed up! 4 who had never been before. It was really encouraging to see the youth excited to be back at reborn. They are once again freely stopping by our house at all hours, to seek advice, to talk, or just to hang out.