Thursday, January 21

As we are approching our 1 year anniversary of serving here in Bridlington, England we couldn't be more excited with what the Lord is doing in this northern town of England. The group of kids that He has brought to us continues to grow and He continues to answer our prayers toward them! These kids are constantly stopping by our house and never missing a friday night. They are bringing there friends and there friends are bringing there friends. This brings up another prayer request :) Servants! We are praying that God will raise servants among the kids and/or bring others in from anywhere who have a heart for the youth. There is such a need for strong leaders who know the Word and have a burden to share it and live it. What an awesome thing in this country to have an average of 30 kids turning up every friday night, it is really not like this culture, youth groups are not a popular thing here, so to watch this take place in front of us we can only turn to thank God and cry out for more to serve. Thank you for all your prayers and for joining with us in this ministry over here.

Sunday, January 3


We are also praying that the Lord would bring us home to visit at the perfect time. The perfect time for the church here and for our home church "reality".It seems that the beginning part of this year would be the best time, but we are still praying. We are asking God to provide for all our travel expenses, which will most definetly take trust in Him.


Please join with us as we seek God's will in praying for a vehicle (van). Last year we were able to take the youth by train to many different places, which was nice. But the train tickets get pretty expencive and we know more youth could come if we had are own vehicle. We are praying specifically for a van that would seat at least 7-9 youth :) We want to take kids on trips to the Bible college in York, hikes in the forest and just outings in general. Ultimately we are just praying God's will. Thank you so much, we love all of you!