Saturday, February 21

Beach Day

We took some kids to the beach today, just to hang out. We had a "well" good time. We played frisbee, badmitin, soccer, telephone pictionary, etc... These kids were Danny, Ryan, Liam, Luke, and Rob. There some of the kids who come to "REBORN" youth group on friday nights. Danny and Ryan do not know the Lord so we are continuing to pray for them. It really has been so great to get to know these guys, we are excited to watch them grow in Him.

Keep them lifted up.

Tuesday, February 10


Please pray that The Lord will provide for us the right flat (apartment). We really want a place low in price and, most importantly, right in the town center where all the kids are.  We want our flat to be a blessing to the Lord and for Him to use it the way that He desires -- so please pray.  Thank you back home for all your love.  We continue to pray for all of you.

Sunday, February 8

Friday night

Wow!!!  The Lord really is working here in Brid.  Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!  There were over twenty kids there on Friday night and we studied what the Word says about putting things in our ears that are not from God, like evil songs.  They had so many questions and thoughts and really are hungry for the truth.  There is a group of six kids who know the Lord and we daily pray that they will become more and more rooted in the truth.  These six kids are so new to the faith, but God is reveiling to them so much and they are able to answer some of there non-believing friends' questions. It is really so exciting to be a part of this and to be investing into these kids' lives.  The need for role models in their lives is so great.  We will soon have pictures of them and we ask for you to keep them in you prayers. We love y'all!

Wednesday, February 4


Wow!  We made it to Bridlington!  It is so great to be here and to be staying with the pastor (Lauren) and his family (Jeanna, Audrey, Ashley, and Caedmon).  Tonight will be our first church service since arriving and it will be so nice to be with everyone.  Friday will be our first youth service so please pray that the Lord will continue to work in the kids' hearts this week so they will come to youth group ready to learn.  We need your prayers as we will be looking for a flat (apartment) in these coming weeks.  Thank you, guys, for all your prayers and support. We love you all so much!