Tuesday, July 12

On July 24th this will be our new home. With our visa's still up in the air and the possibility of having to leave the country, we are still going to go ahead and move into our new home. The land lord knows all about our dilema and he has known our pastor for quite some time so he is working with us. We are so thankful for this place, the Lord has answered our prayers to the "t". We were praying for a place that was in more of the rougher area of Brid, among the youth, and closer to the church. Also for room to house our weekly bible college students, room for Judah, and a back garden. Well, it has all of that and more. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, dinning room, office!! This is going to open so many more doors for us to reach out to the community. Before we were living on a top floor flat, the elderly found it difficult to get up the stairs, so they wouldn't come over, we also began to feel like it was to small and noisy to have more than a couple of youth over at a time. The first picture is of the church from our front door. We will have pictures of the inside asap. God bless!

Friday, July 8

Just recently one of our youth kids who had been coming to reborn for about 5 years has come back to the Lord. Wayne had walked away from Christ, being taken away by the cares of this world. We would only see him every once in a blue moon. He is now in a place of full surrender to Him and is serving at reborn. He has been a great help for zach since there is now over 30 kids coming each Friday. Wayne is now 19 and has been given an incredible opportunity to serve at the calvary chapel conference center in Austria. We feel that it will be best for him to get out of Brid for a while and take some time to be discipled and to work hard. He leaves on the 13th of September to serve thru the winter into next summer.