Friday, March 20

First Youth Outreach Day!!!!

Hi guys,

We can't believe that is even the title for this blog. Tomorrow the 21st of March we are going out into the towne for an outreach. This is something that we invited the youth to do with us. As you guys know there are about 5 youth kids who are saved. To our surprise a group of about 10 sincere lads and lasses want to come out with us.

PLEASE pray for this event. The youth are wanting to hand out leaflets and invite other youth to our Reborn (youth group). We also explained to them, (especially those who are saved) that God might be calling them to talk and tell people about Jesus and what He has done on the cross. They've never done this and are nervous. Pray for their sweet hearts. Pray for God's guidance with all of our words and actions. Pray for every aspect that might come up in your heart about this event. (representation, sincerity, gentleness, appropriateness, etc.)

We know and keep trusting the Lord full heartily. He is El Shaddi the Almighty God! We are praying that He will do work thru our group tomorrow that is glorifying to Him. And that the kids have FUN! inviting people to their youth group and sharing about Christ.

Yeah!!!!! This is a blessing and we are stoked for tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. We've heard from quite a few of you one way or the other and appreciate it so much! (hint hint) :)


Monday, March 9

A life changed

Last Friday night a girl asked Jesus Christ into her heart! :) Her name is Rachel. Please be praying for her as she begins her journey. She is the first girl that has done so in this youth group.

On Sat. the 14th Randi is going to be having an all girl hang out day. Be praying as Rachel comes and brings some of her friends.

Friday, March 6

We have our flat and we are so excited. The Lord answer our prayers and provided us with a perfect place. We will have pictures to show yall soon. Our new address is:

9 Marine Court
Summerfield Road
Bridlington, East Yorkshire
YO15 3LF
United Kingdom, England

We still are having problems getting our internet and phone up and running so communication is a little tough right now, but soon will be up and running. Continue praying for the youth. They are doing really well, Rob (youth kid) is heading off to Bible College in Germany to check it out next week, yes!!!! God is working in his life and it is so exciting to watch. Please keep him lifted up in prayer whether he decides to attend the college.